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Our services for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Avenue is a team of highly skilled investors, Business Angels and coaches.
To help startups be as successful as possible, we have created two programs to train, prepare and assist you.

The Workshop will give you a theoretical framework around the tools you need to know to launch your business, and review the ones you have set in place.

The Bootcamp
is a three-days hands-on training session, with pitches, keynote speakers, networking opportunities and a pitching contest at the end.

Our services


Navigate your startup to success with Entrepreneur Avenue's Startup Readiness Program, offering expert mentorship to hone your fundraising, business planning, and pitching skills, and strategically guiding your venture towards sustainable, long-term growth

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Experience three transformative days at the Entrepreneur Avenue Bootcamp, where startups refine their pitches, receive expert coaching, expand their networks, and compete in a pitching contest, all guided by six essential pillars of startup success.

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Kickstart Your Startup Journey with Expert Guidance

The Startup Readiness program is the ideal workshop for any early-stage startup. Whether your goal is to become investment-ready, ensure coherence in your strategy and business plan, perfect your pitching skills, or simply have two expert mentors guide you, this program has you covered.

Comprehensive Training for Long-Term Success

Entrepreneur Avenue accompanies startups from the get-go, helping you understand key concepts—from raising capital and financial projections to business evaluations and understanding metrics. Our aim is to empower you with the tools and know-how to navigate your startup successfully towards becoming an investable entity with a sustainable, long-term plan.

Intensive, Targeted Workshops

Designed around the principles of VSEM (Vision, Strategy, Execution, and Measuring), these workshops are structured as 90-minute training sessions. Led by our Entrepreneur Avenue mentors and partners, together, we will review your Go-To-Market strategy, financial forecasts, and will help you identify your target personas and competition.

Unlocking Market Insights

Our mentors are equipped to guide you in identifying your core market, answering pivotal questions—Who are your customers? Why do they buy? What makes them happy about your offering? This reflective approach is designed to help you uncover new market opportunities and strategize on how to stand out from your competitors.

Master the Art of Pitching

A critical component of entrepreneurial success is the pitch, and that is a focus of this program. With Entrepreneur Avenue, you will work intensively on refining your pitch. Our mentors aren’t just experienced pitchers themselves—they have also served as jury members for pitching sessions internationally.

A Customized Approach for Your Needs

Marcel and Jean-Louis, the brains behind Entrepreneur Avenue, propose a tailor-made plan for your startup. This comprehensive package is a blend of a 3-day bootcamp, focused workshops, and regular consultancy sessions designed to dive deep into the unique needs and potential of your startup.

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An Intensive 3-Day Entrepreneurial Deep Dive

The Entrepreneur Avenue Bootcamp, known as the International Venture Academy (IVA), is a rigorous 3-day training session designed for burgeoning entrepreneurs.

Perfect Your Pitch and Expand Your Network

At the IVA, you have a prime opportunity to refine your pitch, receive invaluable feedback from seasoned coaches, and network with like-minded innovators. It's more than a bootcamp; it's a space where ideas meet execution and networking fuels opportunities.

Keynote Insights and Personalized Mentoring

The bootcamp kicks off with keynote speeches on pivotal topics like 'Go-To-Market Strategies' and 'Crafting a Killer Pitch'. These talks set the tone for each day, offering tools and exercises aligned with these themes. Plus, you’ll have one-on-one sessions with Entrepreneur Avenue’s skilled mentors to guide you every step of the way.

Holistic Evaluation for Startup Success

To measure your progress and areas for improvement, we use a screening criteria based on six key pillars: presentation quality, clear vision, market positioning, financial projection, investment approach, and management team. These pillars are not just our criteria for assessment—they are the skills we strive to instill in every startup that we mentor.

A Grand Finale: The Pitching Contest

The International Venture Academy concludes with a renowned pitching contest for all participating startups, complete with individual feedback. This is the stage where you can showcase all you’ve learned, present your vision compellingly, and receive constructive, personalized feedback from industry experts.

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