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The Business Angel training is an essential first step for someone wanting to become an investor – or who is one and wants to take his / her knowledge to the next level.
Entrepreneur Avenue offers a Workshop and a Bootcamp for Senior Business Angels and Junior Business Angels.

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Our tailored workshops for Business Angels, whether new or experienced, provide in-depth training on investment strategies, best practices for due diligence and valuations, and prepare participants to identify investment opportunities, navigate successfully from negotiation to exit, and to join a global network of Business Angels

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Sharpen your investment acumen with Entrepreneur Avenue's Investor Bootcamp, a comprehensive program designed to equip aspiring investors with the knowledge and tools to navigate innovation, specific markets, business models, and sales revenues, empowering them to identify and capitalize on promising startup opportunities.

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Empowering Business Angels: Tailored Workshops for Every Experience Level

Designed for seasoned investors, this workshop provides not only a comprehensive overview of current investment activities but also an intensive deep dive into Business Angel (BA) investment strategies. The program's emphasis is on best practices for due diligence and valuations. Here’s what this journey entails:

  • Negotiation skills honed for success
  • Strategies for closing deals effectively
  • Navigating the path all the way to a profitable exit
  • Special training on how to fund a Business Angel association
  • Access to a thriving, worldwide BA network


Geared towards those new to angel investing, this workshop demystifies the role of a Business Angel. By the end of the training, participants will have:

  • A deep understanding of what a BA is and how the global network functions
  • Practical skills on how to identify lucrative investment opportunities
  • Clear guidelines on rules for BA investing
  • Insight into conducting thorough due diligence
  • A grasp of the unique advantages of being a Business Angel
  • Preparedness to become a valuable member of the BA network
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Investor Bootcamp: Your Gateway to Smart Investing

Whether you aspire to become a seasoned investor, a Business Angel, or you’re simply passionate about the world of startups, our Investor Bootcamp is tailor-made for you. At Entrepreneur Avenue, we understand that successful financing of new ventures demands a solid foundation of knowledge – and that’s exactly what we offer. Our Bootcamp is structured around four fundamental pillars: Innovation, Specific Markets, Business Models, and Sales Revenues.

Here’s what we empower you to do:

  • Master the art of sales forecasting and hone your value proposition skills.
  • Swiftly identify your customer base and spot revenue opportunities with precision
  • Leverage our mentors’ insights to adapt business models, reposition products, pinpoint potential hurdles, and make informed decisions on which ventures are worth your investment.

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